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Will be updated as I find new fics (and new fandoms ._.)

Harry Potter


Black Sheep by Jackie Stevens Chapters: 29 Words: 143,258
Summary: "Black sheep is a derogatory colloquialism in the English language meaning an outsider or one who is different in a way which others disapprove of. This can be someone who has been shunned by others, or one who has chosen to be an outsider, due to actions and aims that separate them from the rest of the people or 'flock.'"

We Are Young (I'll Carry You Home)


Black Coffee on a Lonely Night - Draco runs a café, Harry is an MP.

- Harry’s been in the US for five years and comes home to Hogwarts full of Dark spells.

We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight)
- Post-canon wizarding politics AU. Harry and Draco are on again, off again. Zabini swears a lot.

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice
- Wizarding spies AU. Harry is an Unspeakable. He gets… attached to his handler.

You Could Have It So Much Better
- Professional Quidditch, Franz Ferdinand and general complications.

Harry/Lucius Malfoy:

No Desert by Hijja Chapters: 4 Words: 19,323
Summary: "I can do whatever strikes my fancy, Harry." The voice was just as close - just as intrusive - as the hands had been. "There's nothing you can do, and you've got precious little left to bargain with."

Harry/Tom Riddle/Lucius Malfoy:

Beyond This Point Lie Monsters by Hijja Chapters: 6 Words: 28,844
Summary: "When Harry sneaks into Hogwarts nether regions to spy on a visiting Lucius Malfoy, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. A different kind of showdown, in the Chamber of Secrets and beyond, between Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter and Tom Riddle."


Time Parts the Hearts of Men by Hijja Chapters: 1 Words: 2429
Summary: "The afterlife bears a surprising resemblance to a railway station..."


SBP obviously

Levity (dear god that title is a terrible joke)

Pilgrimage - Marauders road trip.

Stealing Harry - AU where Sirius does not go after Peter, and Harry grows up with Messrs Padfoot and Moony instead of the Dursleys. 101k words.

Explain The Night - After James and Lily’s wedding. Things get awkward.

A Fearsome Business - Lying Low at Lupin’s trope. Sadly incomplete but still WORTH IT.

First Quarter - Marauder era, Chinese food and moon phases.

A Particular Affinity - Sirius becoming an Animagus.

Of Cinema and Sticky Notes - office AU.

The Unlikely Survivors’ Club - what it says on the tin.

Latte Art - the obligatory coffee shop AU <3

and gravity, scientists say, is weak - "Sirius used to want everyone to look at him.." Short and bittersweet but lovely, post-Azkaban.

Sing my Heart - Some people press their memories between pages of scrapbooks; others have fancy photographs that wave and dance. Sirius has music. Post-Azkaban, 10k.

Enlightenment - Tonks is smitten, Remus is oblivious, and Sirius is determined to enlighten him." Post-Azkaban, 2.6k.

A Creature Void of Form- Christmas, 1994. Two men, a cave, a hippogriff, some blankets, a hot meal, a blizzard, a bottle of vino rosso, and a conversation. 6,5k.

Firewhiskey and Baked Bean Soup - Remus came over one wintery day, found Sirius hiding from the world and failing to make soup from curry and jam and some milk that hadn't quite gone off yet. 3k.

(How to Survive in the Wilderness (Without Soup) by penknife - the fic that inspired the above. Hogwarts era.)

Teach Me Gently How to Breathe - After his escape from Azkaban, Sirius needs a place to stay and Remus’s house seems like the logical choice, at least to Dumbledore. 4,5k.

Our Private Universe - Watch Remus, Peter said, look for evidence; but what Sirius found was something different. Christmas 1979. 12k.

The Maddest House - "After the events of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself raising Harry, with the assistance of Remus, in a world where Voldemort never disappears for 11 years." 42k, very good on Sirius' angst and guilt.<3

Inhabited by Winter - OotP era; 8k. R and S are both trapped by the Order in different ways.
Sherlock Holmes

Lord of the Rings


raven’s song - anecdotes from beginning to end, which is lovely, with some random norse (whaddayamean tolkien invented no dwarvish language, it’s called khuzdul). sad ending, surprise surprise.

cold comfort - angst all the way, with legolas beginning to waver after gandalf’s fall, which seems to be a common trope.

(return to mirkwood - was recced by northernpansy and i haven’t read it.)

lords of misrule - if you can overlook the frankly alarming kinks that some writers in the lotr fandom are so prone to, the rest of it, at least, is good. and wonder of wonders! it’s not angst!

the far green shore - postcanon. sad legolas appeals to the angstwhore in me.

the roads of ithilien - short and quite nice, post-canon. no porn AND no angst, and thank goodness for that.

time - ponderings on mortals’ short lives and legolas is the girlfriend who needs time. also some smut which is… less squicky than in lords of misrule (I rate all L/G smut on a squick scale of 0 to LoM at this point).

a bird and a beast - it seems like all fics in this pairing are first-time smut fics, this one being no exception. also, the fangorn sex trope again. but it’s not bad.

for continuing strange - fellowship living in gondor directly after the war. 30 chapters, abandoned wip

the bones of the earth - legolas takes ill from sea longing and there is DIY barbershop shenanigans. semi-slashy/preslash/unrequited but serene??/idefk. author is also hibbary on dA and has great fanart.

a time and times and half a time - how the orcs were made. ANGST.
Marvel Cinematic Universe


we spent our darkest days howling at the moon - hipster au. the only one worth reading. ~9k i think.

chaos war - about 30k. mysterious creatures swarm asgard and ruin everything, the armies are failing, thor has to turn to loki for help.

i’ll be yours - one i read wayy back while it was a wip on norsekink. loki's pov on the events of 'thor'. best read while listening to 'i'll be yours' by placebo. :D

don’t leave me the way i am - 60k, thor growing up gay and trying to deal with the fact that he's a deviant.

veni vidi vici - uhh. thor/kid loki. 6k. I AM GOING TO HELL FOR MY SINS

looks like a nail - more thor-has-issues but also fucked up loki yay << that's apparently how i summarised this in my private rec list, i can't remember it so that description is what you get :D 14k.

shatter - loki gets cast out instead of thor and winds up in new mexico with jane, erik and darcy. 32k, i remember enjoying this at the time but it might have some woobiefication of loki, so tread cautiously.

revelations - same author as chaos war. 58k. thor dies while helping the avengers fight doom and loki. loki doesn't take it well.

shadow plays - groundhog day fic, 24k. a ritual to bind loki's magic (as punishment for his crimes) goes wrong. the great hall collapses, loki is injured or dies or sth, and then due to accidental magical time loop, thor has to relive that over and over :D

take the long way home - every month thor gives half his golden apple to loki in exchange for them spending one day without fighting. 60k.

falling like a flip of a coin - reincarnation trope. 8,5k.

balancing - not happy but good. don't read if you don't want evil/vengeful loki. >> 6k.

easily - "It's not until Jane dies that Loki finally comes to Thor." thor has a little daughter and is a total mess. they have a messed up relationship too, but  :D 10 chapters, 50k.
Vampire Chronicles

Sleepy Hollow


A more perfect Union by scifisis  Chapters: 4 Words: 42,088
Summary: "In which Abbie and Ichabod’s partnership is assessed, debated, and then eventually amended. A transition in four acts. Spoilers for the season 2 finale. Complete."  (Deals with the aftermath of Katrina's death.)
Rivers of London



Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em by Pitry. Chapters: 1 Words: 5,176
Summary: "Some people have hobbies. MacGyver gets shot at."
Characters: Macgyver, Murdoc. Not a slash story, but forced cooperation trope is one of my all-time favourite things, so it gets to be on here as an honorary slash fic.


On the Occasion by Medie. Chapters: 1 Words: 1,606
Summary: "This is not how a man rings in his fortieth."
First - and for a very long time, only - fic I read in this pairing and still good five (holy shit) years later. Murdoc arranges a little surprise for Mac on a special day.

O My Enemy, by Jane Carnall, Julie Kramer, Meg Bruck. Chapters: 20 Words: 144K.
Amnesia!fic, set post Obsessed. VERY LONG.  I’m massively impressed by this one, but it ends in a place where things - to my mind - didn’t feel quite resolved. But I still haven’t decided if I think that’s a flaw or just a consequence of the pairing.

More Deadly, by Jane Carnall and Julie Kramer. Highlander AU. Summary as given on the rec post where I found it: “Murdoc finally kills Mac. It doesn’t stick.” Not as good as the other one (though it's a hard act to follow!) but included here because well-written fic in this pairing is rarer than the fucking Grail.




A Heaven in Hell's Despair by Words: 2,365
Summary: "In "The Raffles Relics," Raffles told Bunny that he sometimes hid from Bunny in his trunk when he was "quite unfit for human society." What if Bunny had caught him?"

The Stranger by Smaychel Words: 2,778
Summary: "Bunny takes an interest in a handsome stranger, which prompts Raffles to take an interest of his own."

In The Dark of the Night by AwkwardAnnie Words: 1,928
Summary: "Sometimes Raffles lets me in on his plans. Sometimes he does not. This is one of the latter occasions."

The Due Reward of Our Deeds by Mercy Words: 2,885
Summary: ""I've been thinking what rot it is to go doing things by halves!" Takes place at the end of "Wilful Murder," after Bunny's two days of waiting for Raffles to return."

Any Other Name by AwkwardAnnie Words: 1,224
Summary: "Raffles has called me by my given name exactly once in my life. I didn't much care for it."
Withnail and I